Brtled introduced gravity light to bid farewell to traditional energy lighting

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Creating a bright, safe future is Brtled's core, which is mainly used in those areas where power is not available, using free gravitational lighting. As the winner of Shell's Springboard in 2015, Brtled is a gravitational light from Deciwatt, a London-based design and innovation organization that provides safer, cleaner lighting alternatives to dangerous kerosene lamps for some developing countries or regions.
do you know? As of 2015, there are still 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to lights. For these people, the only solution is the use of harmful kerosene lamps. In fact, studies have shown that inhalation of kerosene lamp emitting toxic gas equivalent to smoking 170 cigarettes per year, and inadvertently intake of kerosene in developing areas is the main reason for child poisoning. In addition to breathing problems, these kerosene lamps have a number of hazards for the society in which they are lit. The World Health Organization estimates that only 1 million people in India suffer moderate to severe burns due to kerosene tumbling every year.
Exploring the enormous potential of gravity has enabled Brtled to solve the problem of the inability to use electricity and public health hazards and to bring a safer future for those who need it most.
This in the end is what magic? In fact, under the action of gravity, the sandbag by the gravitational effect of downward movement, pulling a chain, the chain driven gear rotation, which drives the generator, light LED lights. This is a chain reaction, each time the process of reaching the ground will produce enough energy, can be sustained lighting for 20 minutes. The equipment will address the problem of energy costs in developing countries, since there is no cost to use after the initial purchase of Brtled and can be used for many years.
The Brtled Foundation traveled 50 villages in Kenya during the 50-night trip and found that people in these villages often use harmful kerosene lamps to illuminate, with the support of the recent second-time successes and Shell. Now, they can see Brtled provide them with a new solution, safer, clean and reliable energy.

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