2016 LED lighting market demand will reach 88.8 billion US dollars

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The latest "commercial lighting market report" pointed out that 2016 global LED commercial lighting market penetration is still rapidly pulled up, annual growth is expected to reach 23%.
Commercial lighting applications for the main types of LED lamps, spotlights, bulb, and Europe, North America, China is the world's major commercial LED lighting area, but also the focus of the next five years the market. Market research expert Wu Yingjie said that in 2015 the market demand for LED lights 2.58 billion dollars in 2016 will be significantly increased to 8.88 billion US dollars, highlighting the importance of LED lighting in commercial lighting, especially in cheap supermarkets, offices , The underground parking lot is widely used, coupled with rapid evolution of the design under the advantages of cost-effective than other lamps quickly.
Wu Yingjie further pointed out that in the regional market, T8 lamp as the main product, used in office lighting, Europe, the United States, Japan and China in the main market to cool the main color, which the Chinese market to 6,500K as the main color temperature segment , But the general commitment to LED lamp life of only 25,000 hours.
From the commercial lighting manufacturers to analyze the strategy, Europe, the United States, the Japanese market and more to improve product quality as one of the most basic development strategy, from product life extension, light efficiency, to improve the quality of lighting; Sex, color and life is still the key technology.
On the other hand, the Chinese manufacturers strategy is more divergent. As the Chinese lighting market is still maintaining rapid growth, there is no established model of success, but overall "access advantage" should be the most powerful model, whether physical channel providers, e-commerce and so set off a price war, it is necessary to step up supply Chain and resource integration, so that cost control, in pursuit of price competitive advantage.

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